Child Personal Injury

Chicago Child Personal Injury Lawyers

Parents: Has your child been injured due to an act of negligence? Do you want a lawyer who is ready to fight not only to get you and your family justice and compensation, but to prevent the negligent party from ever harming another child again? Contact Romanucci & Blandin. We have decades of experience handling cases like yours throughout Illinois and northwest Indiana.

Ready To Listen And Ready To Help

All the hopes you have for your child, all the dreams, we want to hear about them. Our Chicago child personal injury attorneys want to help you get the compensation necessary to cover the best possible medical treatment. We want your child to get the care that is needed to make certain that your child can overcome the injury to the extent possible and live the life you hoped and dreamed for.

What Type Of Injury Did Your Child Suffer?

We handle cases involving head injuries and all other catastrophic injuries to children. We also handle claims involving the wrongful death of children. Cases may involve:

We confidently handle cases involving children of all ages, from injured infants to injured teenagers. We stand up for the rights of minors who have been hurt due to acts of negligence.

Did You Sign A Waiver?

Do not let a waiver deter you from taking action on behalf of an injured child. Waivers do not excuse negligence. You may still be able to seek compensation.

Our work protecting children has garnered the attention of the media. Most recently, our attorneys have appeared on an ABC7 news report and have been quoted in a CNN news report discussing trampoline park accidents, which have become all too common.

Free Consultation With A Schaumburg Child Accident Attorney

Call 312-458-1000 or email. We handle all child personal injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning you do not pay unless we provide results.