Baseball And Softball Injuries

Chicago Child Baseball Injury Lawyers

Children who participate in organized baseball or softball teams may suffer any number of injuries, including:

While some injuries simply come with the territory, others should not have happened. What if a baseball or softball hits a child’s head and the helmet fails to provide the necessary protection? What if a child suffers an injury and a coach forces the child to keep playing, making the injury much more severe than it should have been? If you believe your child suffered because of an act of negligence, our Chicago child baseball injury attorneys can help.

At Romanucci & Blandin, our lawyers have been handling cases like these throughout Illinois and northwest Indiana since 1998. We have gone up against opponents like little leagues and others. We have even taken on manufacturers of defective metal bats because of the damage done to children as a result of their dangerous products.

Our goal in baseball and softball injury claims is to recover compensation to cover the child’s medical bills and to address the pain and suffering the child has experienced as a result of an act of negligence. We also take pride in doing everything we can to prevent these acts of negligence from recurring and harming other children in the community.

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