Cheerleading Injuries

Chicago Cheerleading Injury Lawyers

Like children involved in any other organized sport, cheerleaders run the risk of suffering injuries such as:

Many of the injuries suffered by cheerleaders simply come with the territory. However, some are completely preventable. If coaches encourage cheerleaders to do daredevil stunts without proper training or safeguards, that is negligence. If a coach fails to recognize that a cheerleader has been injured and forces the child to continue, causing the injury to worsen, that is an act of negligence. If you have reason to believe an act of negligence contributed to harming your child, our Chicago cheerleading injury attorneys are here to help.

At Romanucci & Blandin, our lawyers have been handling cases like these throughout Illinois and northwest Indiana since 1998. From schools and school districts to manufacturers of defective sporting equipment, we have taken on opponents of all types.

When we file a claim in a cheerleading injury case, it is not only to recover the compensation necessary to cover the child’s medical bills and to address the pain and suffering, but to prevent similar acts of negligence from harming other children in the community. We take pride in the fact that the work we do keeps children safe.

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