Football Injuries

Chicago Child Football Injury Attorneys

In football, injuries come with the territory. However, there are cases in which the injury could have been prevented. When a coach does not recognize that a player has been concussed and keeps the player in the game, it can lead to irreversible damage. When the pads and gear designed to prevent injuries do not work, it can result in life-changing injuries to children. When acts of negligence like these happen, our Chicago child football injury lawyers take action.

At Romanucci & Blandin, we represent children who have suffered injuries of all types while participating in organized football teams. Injuries may include:

Since 1998, our attorneys have been handling cases like these throughout Illinois and northwest Indiana. We have stood up to schools and school districts, among other organizations that run youth football leagues. We have even filed lawsuits against manufacturers of defective football helmets and pads for harm caused by their products.

In football injury claims, our goal is to recover compensation to cover the child’s medical bills, as well as to address the pain and suffering experienced because of the injury. We also are proud of the fact that these lawsuits can prevent acts of negligence like the one that happened to your child from happening to other young football players.

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