Daycare Accidents

Chicago Daycare Accident Attorneys

With more than a decade of experience on our side, Romanucci & Blandin has the strength to hold daycares accountable for any harm that comes to children under their care. We pursue compensation for those injured at daycares throughout Illinois and northwest Indiana. Just as important, our attorneys make certain that such negligence does not occur more than once.

Improper Supervision And Care

More often than not, injuries suffered in child care establishments are the result of carelessness. These cases may involve a child falling on a daycare playground because nobody was supervising. They may involve children who suffered serious allergic reactions because daycare staff failed to observe information about peanut allergies or other allergies provided by parents. Our Chicago daycare accident lawyers hold child care businesses accountable for such carelessness, even if it occurs off-site during a field trip or some other activity.

Physical And Sexual Abuse

Sometimes, injuries suffered in daycares are the result of the staff’s direct and malicious actions. When a member of the staff disciplines a child so severely that it results in injuries or commits sexual abuse against a child, we seek compensation and work to see that the staff member is never able to repeat his or her actions.

Defective Products In Daycares

Defective children’s products are recalled with surprisingly regularity. A daycare must keep up to date on recalls, ensuring that there are no products present that could be dangerous to the children under its care. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Many accidents in daycares are the result of window blind cords and other products that simply should have been removed. We take action for the failure to remove these products.

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