Window Blind Cord Accidents

Chicago Window Blind Cord Accident Attorneys

While not a product targeted toward children, window blinds are an example of a household product that needs to be carefully designed in order to prevent harm to children. Unfortunately, the failure of window blind manufacturers to take children into account has led to the serious injury or wrongful death of many infants and toddlers. Window blind cords hang too low, get wrapped around a child’s neck and cause the child to choke.

At Romanucci & Blandin, we believe there is no excuse for tragedies like these. When they happen, our attorneys take action against those responsible.

Where Are The Safety Standards?

In this day and age, the fact that all dangers have not been eliminated from a product as simple as window blinds is outrageous. Our Chicago window blind cord accident lawyers are ready to take on manufacturers of these products on behalf of parents throughout Illinois and northwest Indiana. We believe that every lawsuit filed, every case won, is one step closer to making this world a safer place for our children.

Window Blind Cord Accidents In Daycares

There certainly are some manufacturers that have diligently recalled window blinds because of the potential for child-hanging injuries. What happens when the recall is not followed? What happens when a business that is designed to care for children, such as a daycare, does not get rid of recalled window blinds? If this failure leads to an accident, our attorneys will take action against the daycare for the failure.

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