Head Injuries In Children

Chicago Child Head Injury Attorneys

At Romanucci & Blandin, our attorneys seek compensation in child head injury cases of all types. Has your child suffered an injury to the face that may result in scars that last a lifetime? Has your child suffered an eye injury or inner ear injury that will impact his or her senses for years to come? Has your child suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that will require long-term medical care? Was the injury caused by someone else’s negligence?

Our Chicago child head injury lawyers have been taking action for people like you throughout Illinois and northwest Indiana since 1998. We understand just how devastating head injuries can be to a child’s future. Let us help you get the compensation you need.

Closed Head Injuries And Open Head Injuries

When the dura mater surrounding the brain remains intact, the head injury is referred to as closed. Skull fractures are possible in a closed head injury. When an object goes through the skull and damages the dura mater, the head injury is referred to as open. Open head injuries are also referred to as penetrating head injuries. They often involve brain injuries.

What Caused The Child Head Injury?

Do you believe that a coach’s negligence led to a head injury while your child was playing sports? Was the head injury suffered in a car accident because of a negligent driver? Our lawyers seek compensation for child head injuries caused by all types of negligence. In addition to seeking compensation, we also have a goal of preventing these types of negligence from happening to other children in our community.

Free Consultation With A Joliet Closed Head Injury Lawyer

Call 312-458-1000 or email. All open and closed head injury cases are handled on a contingency basis, meaning you do not pay unless we provide results.