Playground Accidents

Chicago Playground Accident Attorneys

At Romanucci & Blandin, we handle claims involving playground accidents throughout Illinois and northwest Indiana. These claims may involve accidents caused by failure to supervise children on a playground, improper design of the playground or defective playground equipment. Our attorneys know how to determine what exactly went wrong, find out which party was liable and take action not only to get compensation for your child, but to ensure that similar accidents do not happen again.

Bounce House Injuries

Our Chicago playground accident lawyers have more than a decade of experience handling cases involving traditional playgrounds such as daycare playgrounds, school playgrounds and community playgrounds. These cases may involve any of the typical equipment, from slides to merry-go-rounds. They may involve injuries suffered because of improperly placed blacktop where children can fall.

We are also equipped to handle cases involving popular modern playground equipment:

  • Inflatable bounce houses
  • Inflatable bouncing castles
  • Inflatable slides

This equipment may be set up at playgrounds, fairs and indoor arenas. While intended to be safe, there are hidden dangers, particularly if children are not properly supervised. For example, if older children are allowed to bounce side by side with younger children, the result may be head injuries, spine injuries or broken bones for the little ones.

Trampoline Park Injuries

Our attorneys have also garnered media attention for our ability to take on owners of trampoline parks for failure to warn of the dangers and failure to supervise the children playing on the trampolines. All too many deceleration injuries and other injuries have been suffered in these parks. We want to see them stop. Our attorneys have appeared on an ABC7 news report and have been quoted in a CNN news report discussing these cases.

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Call 312-458-1000 or email. All child playground accident cases are handled on a contingency basis, meaning you do not pay unless we provide results.