Sexual Abuse

Chicago Child Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Teachers, coaches, daycare providers, bus drivers and other adults in positions of authority are trusted to protect and serve children. When that trust is abused and children are taken advantage of sexually, there is no punishment too great. Even the full extent of punishment allowed by law rarely seems sufficient when a child’s life has been shattered.

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At Romanucci & Blandin, our Chicago child sexual abuse lawyers understand the nightmare that parents and families are thrown into in these cases. If you have learned, or you have reason to suspect, that your child has been sexually abused, the anger you feel is immeasurable. You want to do everything possible to get justice. We do too.
Our attorneys have more than a decade of experience helping people like you throughout Illinois and northwest Indiana. Whether your child was sexually molested at school, while participating in youth sports, at a daycare, on the school bus or anywhere else, we are committed to making the abuser pay, preventing him or her from ever hurting another child and getting your child every penny of compensation possible.

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