Swimming Accidents

Chicago Child Swimming Accident Lawyers

At Romanucci & Blandin, we handle swimming pool accident claims throughout Illinois and northwest Indiana. We bring more than a decade of experience to these cases, which allows us to quickly identify who was responsible and take the appropriate action. If your child has been injured while swimming or diving, our lawyers will help you get the compensation necessary, while also working to prevent similar accidents from harming others.

Children Hurt In Public Pools

A lifeguard at a public pool can only supervise so many people. For that reason, there are rules for the number of adults and children allowed in a pool at the same time. If a pool was filled beyond capacity, leading to a child drowning, we will take action. We also fight motels and hotels whose failure to provide supervision or properly fence off pools led to a child drowning.

Children Hurt In Private Pools

Our Chicago child swimming accident attorneys understand the laws that govern backyard pools. Unfortunately, these are laws that are frequently violated, leading to serious accidents. For example, backyard pools must be adequately fenced in to prevent other children in the neighborhood from accessing them unsupervised. We take action when a gate is left open or a pool is not fenced in, leading to a swimming accident. We also take action when issues of improperly placed pool covers or other dangers lead to the injury of a child.

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