Child Safety Tips

Child safety is at the top of the list for every parent. Below are some general tips for keeping your children safe.

  • Childproofing. Make sure to childproof your home and ensure that any child care giver or day care center is up to date on product safety recalls and that the environment is child-proofed.
  • Passenger Safety. Make sure to follow the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines as to car-seat safety.
  • Play a role in your child’s sports season. Make sure that coaches are well trained at spotting sports related injuries. Be on the lookout for overuse type injuries as well as concussions.
  • Hydration. Ensure that your child is well-hydrated, especially in warm weather or if they are playing sports.
  • Keep an eye on your child. Whether your child is at a playground, trampoline center, amusement park, or any other location, be on the lookout for dangerous conditions and keep a close and careful eye on your child.
  • Take an active role in your child’s life. Keep an open dialog with your child-you never know what information you may learn.